Motion Graphics & Graphic Design

LaLiga TV
Graphic Designer
Fundació Josep Carreras - Case Study
Creative Direction, Motion Graphics & Video editing
Stone Cut - Documentary
One Minute Stories - Branded Content
Identity Design & All Graphic Development
Johnson & Johnson - Waldenström Macroglobulinemia
Graphic Design & Motion Graphics
Hospital Clínic - Elpis
Motion Graphics
Hospital Clínic - TIL's
Motion Graphics
Opel Mallorca
Graphic Design & Motion Graphics
CLM 2019 - Branded Content
Graphic Design & Motion Graphics
Let's Go Wild
Mediterranean Lifestyle
Do you wanna play?
Digital Illustration
Digital Illustration
Billy Idol
Digital Illustration
Desigual One Life
Lettering for Desigual Mag. This project is done in Wete Studio
Lettering & Sailboat illustration for Desigual Mag
Cactus illustration for Desigual Mag
You are
Animated Lettering
Outboards Channel
Graphics for TV Channel
Mr. Robot
Cinema 4D
Quien fuera jóven
Mural painting for FIU Bcn with the collaboration of Montana Colors
Marrow moment
Personal project
Stay in the loop
Live lettering for Achos in Espai Born
Remedy CD Cover
Interactive CD Cover and making of
BLIND - That's all
"We are humans who live with the tips of his fingers" - The mental state - The hyperconnection has distanced us from what we had closer. We have this need to always be connected. We feel alone scares privacy. When we look at our screens we have the feeling of being accompanied. And every time we expect more from technology and less of the humans, we feed the relationships that we can control, the digital. This project pretends to address the critical situation there coexistence between humans and machines, with the main concept "create awareness of the problem posed. "We are at a point where humans are forgetting we are human. The purpose of the project is not seeking answers but raise questions to my target audience. From here the idea of ​​exaggerating situations. Sometimes impact must be created to create awareness. The objective is to recover what we are losing, our relationship human-human. Definitely, recover us.
Nobel Prizes editorial
Editorial design about Nobel Prizes and redesign of the current identity and all its categories
Redesign of new blackboards Miguelitos Restaurant
Nike Huarache
Mapping test for Nike Huarache sneakers
Animated lettering
Lettering Idep
Lettering for Idep Barcelona
Nice to meet you
Lettering timelapse - Nice to meet you
Maleficent Poster
3D Poster - Maleficent movie (Angelina Jolie)
La Bananadina
Personal project
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